/Rare antique Nantucket samplerr
18th C. looking-glass in old green paint.
19th C. folk art oil painting on canvas of a Nantucket interior
A beautiful large shell dish by Old Spouter
A choice Nantucket basket by Jose Reyes
A color print of Geraniums by Andrew Shunney
A fine color lithograph of Nantucket by Wendall Macy
A Nantucket Lightship weather vane
A Nantucket print by Earl Horter
A pair of very rare antique miniature Nantucket Lightship Baskets
A portrait of Mary Prentice, Nantucket by Walter Gilman Page
A pottery bottle in the form of a turtle
A rare antique Nantucket watercolor "Kite Hill" by J.B. Reid.
A rare baleen ditty box with whaling scene
A rare Chinese Export sweet meat set
A rare early 19th C. lady's purse from Nantucket.
A rare sign from the Skipper Tea Room by Tony Sarg
A very rare COVERED Nantucket Lightship Basket
A vintage round box by Tony Sarg, Nantucket
An original painting by Nantucket artist John Austin
Antique brass seal from Nantucket
Antique bronze ashtray marked NANTUCKET.
Antique Captain's liquor chest from Nantucket
Antique cast plaster wall plaque Nantucket
Antique cast plaster wall plaque Nantucket
Antique cast-iron OLD SALT doorstop from Nantucket.
Antique China Trade painting Nantucket history
Antique Coffin family handwritten genealogical book
Antique coin silver teaspoon Kelley
Antique colored photograph of Nantucket
Antique English hygiene tool from Nantucket
Antique fireplace broom from Nantucket
Antique glass paperweight with Nantucket Old Mill
Antique hitching post from Main Street, Nantucket.
Antique Jose Reyes Nantucket Lightship basket
Antique lithograph print by Ruth Haviland Suttom
Antique Map of Nantucket by Tony Sarg
Antique map of Nantucket Island.
Antique map of Residential Main St by Tony Sarg
Antique map Town Nantucket by Tony Sarg
Antique Nantucket photograph of Nantucket street
Antique Nantucket photograph of the Old Swain House
Antique Nantucket photograph og the Oldest Huuse
Antique Nantucket coin silver tablespoon
Antique Nantucket coin silver tablespoon.
Antique Nantucket coin silver teaspoon
Antique Nantucket coin silver teaspoon J.Easton 2nd
Antique Nantucket egg cage
Antique Nantucket Lightship basket

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